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Born in a Federal prison back in Mid May 92'. Finesse Revenue, Or as Governed, Demetrius R. Middleton Jr. was placed in the custody of his Great Aunt Martha (Demetrius Middleton Sr. Was the first of his parents to get out when finesse was 3 years old . Growing up in the East Bay Area; Oakland as well Antioch California. Finesse Learned very quickly how far the gift of gab could take him. Initially beginning his musically journey in the 6th grade when a opportunity knocked on his door in the form of a rap battle, in result. Finesse has been lyrically telling his story and expressing his self since the tender age of 12. Minor success has thus been experienced, for Mr. Revenue has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with various local artist / Groups such as. LiveWire / DLO / Pooh HefNer / OMB PEEZY / NEF THA PHARAOH / BENNY / ROBBIOSO / TRILL YOUNGINZ / DEREK KING / JT the 4th / SHOOTERGANG KONY & many more. in hopes of changing Someones life, Finesse vividly tells his story leaving out letting detail. Anybody going through any type of hardship or struggle is bound to relate to his captivating voice and appealing story. Finesse Revenue has many projects in the making & is definitely somebody to pay attention to in the very near future.


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