Snoop Dogg‘s tenth EVER interview with inimitable Nardwuar started on the politest of terms. The taping commences with Nardwuar poking around the grounds of a Vancouver music festival where Snoop is slated to play. Finally, he spots a publicist with connections to Snoop, who seems all the way happy to make a tenth Nardwuar interview come into existence.

But inevitably the final decision was solely Snoop’s to make, but Nardwuar seemed fairly confident it would happen. In the year 2018, we witnessed Snoop Dogg clinch a Hollywood square, but he certainly didn’t come of age overnight, or by virtue of the Tinsel Town recognition. Just like his favorite interviewer Nardwuar, Snoop Dogg doesn’t traverse time like a normal human being. He is timeless, Nardwuar is timeless, it makes for a good conversation.

So as Snoop Dogg exits the makeshift dressing room, Nardwuar simply asks, “perhaps an interview,” to which the Long Beach legend politely responds, “For You, I Will.” Before you know it, Uncle Snoop all kinds of left field, commensurate with all of Nardwuar’s left field paraphernalia. Nard even asks Snoop to elaborate on the P.I.M.P. metrics he began to describe on “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” all the way back in the R&G era.

As the interview comes to a close, Snoop Dogg casting doubt over the necessity of Nardwuar’s “mannequin pose” after they’ve come this far. “Somebody get him out of mannequin mode,” he asks while motioning to the support staff in the background – but as always, Nardwuar made like a statue until the setting of the sun, thus preserving his mythology for another day.