Have no fear, Boi-1da is here and comes bearing strong news.

In a recent stop by Power 106 LA’s The Cruz Show, the Toronto hitmaker discussed a few topics including his recent GRAMMY nomination, and, of course, his work with Drake and when discussing the latter, he revealed that the makings of a new collaboration previously previewed by Drizzy last year would arrive in 2019.

“I got so much stuff coming out in 2019: Drake, a whole bunch of other people.”

In addition to Drake, he also added that he had an arsenal of high-profile releases coming this year. So high-profile, in fact, that he couldn’t divulge any more details past that. “It’s classified,” he affirms. “You’re just going to see it happen […] You can expect it in 2019, between January and December.”

It also seems that Boi-1da has gotten a taste of the wave of Latin music that is making a pretty hefty crossover into English-speaking markets and he added that we can expect to hear his curated backdrops accompanying the likes of J Balvin, Romeo Santos and Prince Royce.

“I’m also putting out music myself,” he adds. “It’s just like everybody’s favorite artist. It’s a compilation […] some people you would never expect to be on a song together.”