Over the weekend, 24hrs revealed that he was admitted to hospital after being involved in a car accident. The details are scarce but the artist appears to be alright, sharing a photo from the medical facility. While he chose to mask his identity for months before finally revealing his face, his name is on full display as he shows off the bracelet provided to him by the hospital. Absolutely nothing VVS about that, folks.

He noted that this all went down during the night as his car was hit at around 3:45 AM. He described what happened as such: “They smashed in the back of the car I was in , my knee smashed into the glove compartment , my neck snapped I’m in a whole daze , headed into X-ray.” Thankfully, 24hrs is well enough to recount what occurred. He asked all his friends and fans to pray for him, adding that God has his back.

The comments section is filled with love as people continue to wish him a speedy recovery. Twenty appears to be out of the hospital, sharing videos of his peers to hype up his upcoming project Houses On The Hill. His new album will be out on November 16.